Shenu Necklace Blue Topaz

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Product Description

Embark on a journey through time and across mystical ancient cultures with our Shenu Necklace.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian symbols, the pendant represents the eternal sun and infinity. For the ancient Egyptians, it also embodied notions of symmetry and perfection. The central stone, whether a captivating topaz or a soothing rose quartz, radiates the power of the sun, signifying life on Earth and all that it encompasses.

The goldwork is inspired by corals. It draws from the complexity of life’s origins symbolizing its eternal nature wisely associated with the ocean. Our Shenu Necklace offers a modern yet mysteriously enchanting design, encapsulating the essence of the ages.

  • 18 K yellow gold
  • Blue Topaz
  • Price 1620 Euro
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