“Iride” Necklace

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Product Description

Dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess Iris, the Iride Necklace pays homage to the deity of rainbows—a celestial messenger between the divine and humanity. In mythology, Iris traversed the rainbow to convey messages from the gods to mortals. The amulet takes the form of a radiant rainbow, a marvel of nature born from a dance of sunshine and rain—a metaphor for the myriad facets of life. This mystical amulet is an ode to the splendid Hellenistic cultures and the wonders of nature. amethyst stone harks back to the rich tradition of this beautiful quartz, cherished in ancient Greek and Roman jewelry.

The goldwork is inspired by corals. It represents the genesis of life from the sea. The Iride Necklace encapsulates a glimpse of eternity within a modern design.

  • 18K yellow gold
  • Amethyst stone
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