About Lisa Edels

Lisa Edels is the provider of superior quality jewelry with a touch of flair and timeless classiness. The collection is often a bit out of the ordinary, and as such, their unique charm guarantees the attention they deserve. Honoring the natural beauty of the precious stones used, already lies for generations in the geology family of Lisa Edels` founders. Carefully selecting each piece for its allure, intrinsic appeal and accentuating features.

Lisa Edels is bringing a distinctively new and inspirational concept to the Swiss and European markets. The creation of affordable jewelry without making any concessions to quality. Lisa Edels is fearless, stepping outside the box and leading the industry in an exciting new direction. Lisa Edels offers enticing product lines, each individual in its own right, yet remaining complementary to the Lisa Edels ethos: High quality jewelry with classy and outstanding designs. Let`s make the world sparkle.

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High class jewelry, made of the highest quality natural diamonds. Custom-made, fulfilling all your possible wishes.